Assay Development & Technology Transfer

We specialize in designing and executing the development of novel immunoassays for drugs and biomarkers. This includes identifying the best sources for proprietary reagents and consumables required for bioanalytical assay development, subcontracting parts of the assay development to third parties, and testing at all intermediate stages.

These services are extended in the development of the following:

Typical workflow

Assay Design Consultation

We discuss the goals of your assays and help you decide on analytes/biomarkers, format, and configuration. We have worked with experts in many subject matters and can provide scientific consultation for our customers in addition to simple outsourcing capacity.

Kits/Antibodies Selection

We pick the right assay for you – single plex or multiplex. If you want to work with ELISA kits from other companies, we can procure them for you, or you can send your own ELISA kits to us. If no kit is available, we can develop an assay from antibody pairs. Certain antibody combinations are best for specific assay types. For example, in sandwich ELISAs, one antibody traps the analyte, and the other antibody is used to detect. These pairs are tested for compatibility. If you’re interested in testing many analytes simultaneously, you can choose from our Luminex platform.

Pilot Studies

We test standard samples, matrices, conjugates, etc. in combination to create the prototype. We help you select standards and set aside key controls, etc.

Technical Transfer Or Scaling Up

We ramp up the testing scale for you, or we transfer the technology to your laboratory, ensuring that the assay works in your technicians’ hands. We can also custom manufacture these kits for you if you want to develop them into a product.