Who We Are

ImmunitasBio is an immunodiagnostic company that aims to elevate human healthcare with a portfolio of cutting-edge and innovative solutions in the areas of immunology, inflammation, allergy, immuno-oncology and viral testing, catering to industries involved in the development of vaccines, biologics, diagnostics and FMCG products.

ImmunitasBio was set up with the intent to advocate for the significance and need for immunological expertise and technical knowhow in overcoming COVID-19. The pandemic created an opportunity for us to offer vital support to vaccine manufacturers developing vaccines that harness both humoral and cellular immunity. We believe the expertise and capabilities built at ImmunitasBio, position us ideally to support the development of next generation healthcare tools that are heavily focused on cell-mediated immunity. Since inception in 2021, ImmunitasBio has successfully collaborated with big vaccine manufacturers and is now transitioning into immunotherapy, allergy, viral testing and FMCG products. Together with cutting-edge technology and deep science, we envision the creation of a healthier world, both nationally and globally.

We are located at the Bangalore Bio-innovation Centre (BBC), in the heart of Electronics City, Bangalore. Bangalore has been at the forefront of biotechnology in India and is rightly known as the Biotech Capital of India. Bangalore is home to a large array of biotechnology enterprises, including large companies, medium-sized ones, and many promising biotech start-ups.

Bangalore is also considered as India’s startup capital and domestic Silicon Valley. Reports say, Bengaluru’s startup ecosystem was valued at $105 Bn, higher than Singapore and Tokyo.

A strong understanding of disease immunology presents unique opportunities to realize the untapped potential in healthcare. ImmunitasBio was setup with this ideology to work in synergy with vaccine, immunotherapy & FMCG companies.

Our Mission

Our mission is to improve human and animal health by enabling the biopharmaceutical industry with state-of-the-art research capabilities

Our Vision

To expand our science driven portfolio of specialty products and services for disease prevention and cure

Our Values

Our core values act as the guiding principles that shape the actions and decisions of the organization.

Integrity | Expertise | Flexibility | Collaboration | Quality

Team ImmunitasBio

Leadership Team

Dr. Sivasankar Baalasubramanian(Shiv)

Co-Founder & CEO


Co-founder & Managing Director


Vijay Peddareddigari

Strategic Advisor

Dr. Kripa Jalapathy

Strategic Advisor

Suresh Narayan

Strategic Advisor

Dr. James Hindley

Scientific & Strategic Advisor


Ketaki Bhagwat

Senior Research Scientist -Proteomics

Akanksha Dixit

Senior Research Scientist-Virology and Cellular Immunology

Vishalkumar Khartade

Senior Research Scientist-Molecular and cellular Immunology

Priyanka Kumar

Junior Research Scientist

Akash Hirgond

Junior Research Scientist